Ride the Famous Flume Trail

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Tahoe Nugget #240: Bike the Tahoe Flume Trail!
There are 2 ways to go. You can park one car at Spooner Lake Campground and start up from there or you can park your car at Tunnel Creek parking, in Incline Village, where the old Bonanza used to be and go up that way. Either way, you will ride one of the most breathtaking rides in AMERICA!  Take lots of provision, food, water, helmet, ect as this is a whole day ordeal and you do not want to run out of essentials to keep your moter running. It is also a great idea to bring along a first aid kit, as you never know when you might need it!

It’s official. Lake Tahoe’s spectacular flume trail is open for mountain  bike enthusiasts. This 14-mile ride is one of the most popular  back-country cycling excursions in the basin, one that offers stunning  views and requires a nominal amount of technical ability (you can always  walk the bike past the scary parts).
The Flume Trail is nearly flat, dropping only 40′ per mile and is spectacular in its setting. 1600′ above the east shore of Lake Tahoe and only a half mile away from the shoreline in places, it is truly one of the the premier trails in the world. Stop often and enjoy the view. Take something to eat and drink for an unforgettable picnic. At the end of the Flume Trail, there is a 3 mile, 1500′ descent down to where you car is parked at The Flume Trail Bike shop and our Tunnel Creek Cafe.
The Flume Trail Mountain Bike Ride is a moderately difficult one way 14 mile ride at 7000′ to 8000′ feet in elevation with over a 1000′ of climbing in the first four miles and 4.5 miles of single track. The Flume Trail itself traverses above several steep sections, so those afraid of heights be forewarned. In this world, most spectacular vistas require traversing steep terrain.